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Off-Season Rep Challenge

Off-Season Shooting Challenge for Boys and Girls!


The goal of the off-season work is to produce gains when lacrosse is not in season.  The way lacrosse is growing in Minnesota, it is unlikely for a team to be competitive with the best teams if off-season work is not done.  There are many forms that off-season work can take including participation in a club team, camps/clinics and individual skill work. This year we will be implementing a 20,000 rep challenge starting Sept 1, 2017 and ending March 31, 2018 .

Details of off-season work:

Who is it for?  All Shakopee youth lacrosse players! 

When should it be done?  The off-season challenge runs from September 1st- March 31st.

How do I submit?  Please email or give to Tara Schneider (girls) or Sean Pollock (boys) once the work is completed. Emails below.

How do I prove I completed the work?  You will need a parent to sign off on the calendars at the end, but this is largely on the honor system.  Yes, you cannot do it and say you did, but no one including yourself nor the program is helped by doing that.

Are there any incentives?  While the biggest incentive is improvement in skills and future success, a t-shirt will be given for anyone and everyone who completes the off-season work! Those that complete the challenge will also be recognized at half-time during a varsity home game!  For the boys program, each player who hits the mark will receive an entry into a drawing to win a Free Registration for next year’s River Valley Lax summer camp (Sean Pollock’s Camp $125 value).

What do I have to do?:

During the designated months, you need to keep track of the reps you do with your lacrosse stick.  The challenge is to have 20,000 reps by March 31st.  Reps include shots on goal, wall ball reps and passing and catching reps.   You will keep track of your reps on the calendar provided and get a parent/guardian signature each month!  For example, one day you might accrue 500 reps playing wall ball for an hour—you would mark 500 down for that specific day.  Another day you might take 20 shots on a net, you would mark down 20 on that specific day. 

There are 181 days in the challenge time frame which breaks down to 110 reps a day.

You can do more than the 110 a day and that will count towards the total number of reps.   Any reps accumulated at a skill camp will count towards the reps. Each skill session will count for 200 reps.

Calendar and full rules below


Girls: Tara Schneider at



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