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ALL Levels and Genders Scrimmages and Practices Cancelled

Ours Boys 14U program has been cancelled due to a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result. There will  be no more practices or scrimmages. As a result of this all teams, boys and girls, have been cancelled for the remainder of July.

Shakopee Youth Lacrosse Social Distancing Rules & Policies

Effective 6/15

  • SYLA will follow the POD formula developed by the MN Department of Health.  Lacrosse will have no more than 25 participants per POD, including coaches and staff. 
  • Daily check-in will be taken at drop-off.  Participant will not be able to participate without parent/guardian checking them in.  A Board Member will be at the drop off location with questionnaire and roster. This is to provide contact tracing as needed/necessary should anyone become ill with Covid-19.
  • All Parent/Guardians must answer questionnaire for their child(ren) before child will be allowed to participate. must daily self-screen at home for temperature. Each participant must be asked if they have been asked to self-isolate, have been in contact with anyone they know has been a Covid-19 carrier or been in contact with anyone who is self-isolating due to Covid-19 concerns.
  • If yes to any of these concerns the person must leave immediately.

Participation is not allowed if participant:

       ● Has a fever or is not feeling well

       ● Has had signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days

       ● Has tested positive for COVID-19 and has not been cleared to participate by MDH personnel

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Policies (see attached map)

  • Please Drop-Off/Pick-Up your child(ren) on 11th Street.  Do not drop off in East Junior High parking lot.
  • Each parent must answer questionnaire when checking in child(ren) at drop-off location
    • Do not drop off child more than 10 minutes prior to practice start time.
  • Each parent must pick up their child in the pick-up location.
  • Parents are not allowed out of the car to watch. They must drop off and park or drop off and come back for pick up. This will ensure smooth transitions and limit unnecessary traffic.
  • Only children from the same household can ride in the same vehicle to and from the session per Department of Health guidelines. 
  • We will end the session 10 minutes before the end of the hour to allow players to go safely to their bag area and get to the departure zone before the next group arrives. 
  • We will then go to the departure area in our groups but make sure we stay at least 6 feet away to do so. 
  • Each player will be on the sidewalk on 11th Ave E, with 6 feet separation and await their pick-up.

Home Base

  • Each player will have their own area to keep their bag which will be at minimum 6 feet from any other player. The individual area will be clearly marked with a number that will be assigned to them at check-in.  This number will be clearly marked in paint near in the “Gear Area”.
  • Players are to get dressed at their specific home base with FULL gear.
  • Player will not be able to move out of their location until the coach directs them to the practice area. 

Skill Session Procedures. 

  • Established groups/PODS will be maintained and no intermixing of said groups daily.
  • If a player needs help with getting gear on or off, the player’s guardian/parent/support individual should do this before or after the group activity in a non-field location (e.g., in the car, at home, etc.).
  • Players will be assigned one cone as their "Home" for the session. The coach will call the player out for their rep and once completed they will go back to their designated cone until it is their rep again. 
  • If it is a multiple player drill the coach will call the players out to their spots for the drill and once completed they will go back to their cone. During the drill no player will get within 6 feet of any other player in the drill. Any passes they make will be beyond that distance. 
  • Participants are only allowed to participate in their assigned group. They are not allowed to participate or join other groups where they are not assigned
  • Water will be kept at the players bag. We will do one player water break at a time making sure that area is free from any other players at the same time. 
  • Players must keep their full gear on the entire session including their water break. 
  • Only the coach will get balls out of the net. The coach will ask the goalie to move from the "crease area to retrieve balls before he does so.  The only hands that will touch the balls are the coaches. No players will touch the ball with their hands.
  • Only one player will be asked to do the "ball hunt" at a time. The other players will stay at their home cone. 
  • All participants in the group activity must maintain at least 6-feet social distancing. Players not following the guidelines established by the coaches after 2 warnings will be asked to sit on the sideline until the parent/guardian/support individual returns.
  • Session will be 45 mins long to allow safe and stagger arrival and departures. 

We understand this will be a challenge for all of us to get used to, but we all need to adhere to these guidelines until further notice.  As a reminder and to limit distractions, please remind your child(ren) that social distancing during practice will ensure solid skill development and decrease time spent stopping practice for reminders.  

2020 June Skills Sessions Announced!

As we continue to evaluate opportunities for our association to play lacrosse and do so following State/Local safety guidelines, we are excited to announce our first Back-To-Play Skill Development training sessions. These non-contact skill sessions will consist of small groups of players working on skill development. Once registration is complete, age group specific groupings will be formed, and safety guidelines will be distributed.

Our Back-To-Play sessions will take place between 6/15-6/30. Registration is currently open and will close on June 9th at 11:59pm. We understand this is a quick turnaround, but your flexibility has been requested since the beginning of this pandemic. Each participant will need a valid US Lacrosse number and acknowledgement of a Covid-19 Waiver form. Registration for these development training sessions will be $25 per player. 

All practices will take place at East Junior High on modified fields.

Girls Practices
•   Monday/Wednesday
•   U8 6pm - 7pm
•   U10 6pm - 7pm
•   U12 7:15pm - 8:15pm
•   U14 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Boys Practices
•   Tuesday/Thursday
•   U8 6pm - 7pm
•   U10 6pm - 7pm
•   U12 7:15pm - 8:15pm
•   U14 7:15pm - 8:15pm

As we await decisions from MSLax and YLM on a modified season we are preparing multiple options for our players. Depending on said decisions, we have the following options for the remainder of the “summer season”:

•   If a modified season is not an option, we will offer a secondary skill development training that would take place from 7/1- 7/31.
•   If a modified season is an option, we will have game play against other associations with modified rules (7v7 on modified fields, limited spectators, additional safety guidelines).
•   If State/Local safety guidelines allow, “tournament teams” will be created and play in 1-2 nearby tournaments.

Each of these options will require a separate registration and safety guidelines will be provided.  Back-To-Play participation does not qualify for scholarship/reduced registration fees.

We are excited to have these options available for our lacrosse players this summer. Our partnerships with the City of Shakopee and Shakopee School District have truly made this possible. We also ask that you help spread this wonderful news to other lacrosse families, so that we can ensure that no children miss out on lacrosse.

As always, if you have any concerns, please reach out to me or any SYLA Board member.